eMAR System

Instant & up to date medication data.

Traditional medication management can be error-prone and cumbersome, but Foothold’s eMAR system eliminates these challenges. And we’ve partnered with CaraSolva’s MedSupport® to bring industry-leading eMAR functionality directly into your EHR.  

With technology that integrates with pharmacies, automatically schedules and tracks medication administration, and designates caregiving tasks, we go above and beyond your eMAR needs.


Reduce medication errors, particularly errors of omission, without reducing services.

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Stay fully HIPAA compliant with encryption of vital personal data.

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Access instant and up-to-date medication data linked directly with client records.

“We have saved more than $130,000 annually by using MedSupport®, or put another way, for every dollar spent on MedSupport®, we have saved $15.50. Even better, these cost savings occurred without a corresponding drop in services and has dramatically reduced medication errors, particularly errors of omission.”
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What is an eMAR System?

An Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) system is a solution designed to replace traditional paper-based MAR charts. eMAR systems help agencies provide higher-quality care for their patients and see better outcomes from caregivers through transparent medication management.

Foothold Technology’s eMAR system replaces traditional paper MAR charts and offers a streamlined, secure, and integrated solution that enhances medication administration, ensures compliance, and significantly reduces medication errors. Our eMAR system ensures the 6 rights of medication administration—right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, right time, and right documentation—are met, improving overall safety and compliance for each individual.

We easily connect care providers to pharmacy dispensing systems, providing easy access to up-to-date medication data and offering flexibility to work with preferred pharmacies. 

eMAR System Features

We make it simple with single sign-on and complete HIPAA security.

Reduced Labor Hours

Significantly reduce month-end record-keeping and charting procedures by 50% to 75%, allowing staff to focus on individual care and safety.

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Simplified Medication Distribution

Dramatically reduce time spent on medication distribution and minimize medication-related errors with automated record-keeping and seamless pharmacy communication

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Automated Medication Management

Track remaining medication quantities and automatically place refill orders, supporting a paperless environment and enhancing efficiency​

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Increased Client Safety

Confirm correct medications and doses with barcode scanning and enhance safety with alerts for missed medications or treatments, reducing medication-related errors

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Enhanced Caregiver Support

Guide caregivers through error-proof medication administration with alerts for missed medications or care tasks, ensuring consistent and accurate care

Our MedSupport®  Partnership

Foothold Technology has partnered with CaraSolva’s MedSupport® to provide an easy-to-implement, web-based eMAR solution that automates medication management, improves staff performance, and integrates seamlessly with long-term care pharmacies.

Together, we offer agencies the support they need to focus on monitoring the wellness of their residents with chronic health conditions and documenting outcomes, reducing ER visits and costly interventions​.

Frequently Asked Questions

eMAR systems streamline medication administration, reduce paperwork, enhance accuracy in medication records, and improve overall efficiency by automating and simplifying workflows​.

eMAR software enhances safety by using barcode scanning to verify medication details, providing real-time alerts for missed doses, and reducing the risk of human errors through automated documentation and checks​.

By integrating eMAR with EHRs, agencies ensure accurate, real-time medication tracking, eliminate handwriting errors, and provide alerts for potential drug interactions, significantly reducing medication errors​

eMAR systems enhance the quality of care by providing timely and accurate medication administration, providing comprehensive resident profiles, and allowing caregivers to focus more on resident interaction and less on administrative tasks.

A MAR (Medication Administration Record) is a paper-based system for documenting medication administration, while an eMAR (electronic Medication Administration Record) is a digital version that automates and enhances this process, offering real-time updates and integrated safety features​.

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How One Agency Recouped $22,000 in Medicaid Reimbursements

Founded: 1902

Clients Served: 136,000 Annually

With a new program launching and a change in leadership, Goodwill conducted a full review of their data collection and billing processes. Our team worked with Goodwill to identify opportunities to streamline reporting and data entry through our disability case management software.

The eMAR features in our EHR system will help you streamline your facility’s medication management, compliance, reporting, and operations.