EHR Training

Cultivate a team of experts.

As a Foothold customer, your EHR training program will be tailored to fit your agency’s needs and set your team up for success. Our Train-the-Trainer model enables customers to develop a robust internal training and support team, nurture real ownership of the agency’s database by the staff who use it, and keep training costs to a minimum.

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Partner with us to develop a training plan to meet your needs and create a knowledge base among your team.

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Build your staff’s confidence in comfortably and effectively utilizing the software, with training delivered by our experts.

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Expand expertise through ongoing FootholdConnect events, training webinars, and specialized training and certification courses.

“Since training, I have been able to implement many new standards at my agency . . . This has helped streamline the process for intake and admission, and is maximizing our use of FormBuilder forms.”
volunteers of America
Nicole Gniewkowski
Director of Performance Improvement & Corporate Privacy Officer,
Volunteers of America - Greater New York

EHR Training Features

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Train-the-Trainer Approach

We go beyond simply demonstrating step-by-step instructions by including information about workflow and context — not only the “how to,” but the “why and when,” so your staff can develop expertise and effectively help their colleagues in learning the software.

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Hands-On Training Sessions

Learn the software through live, hands-on EHR training sessions, where trainers use test programs that are pre-configured to match your agency’s functionality and workflows. Users will learn how to use your organization’s software for their daily work.

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Ongoing Training Opportunities

Expand your expertise and learn new functionality through a broad array of events with our Training team. Additionally, all users have access to our Online Help resources with hundreds of pages of documentation, quick-reference guides, and video tutorials.

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For users who want an even deeper understanding of the software, Foothold offers a robust Certification program, where users can share best practices with super-users from other agencies and become uniquely equipped to manage every aspect of their software.

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Transitioning from Paper Charts
to an Electronic Record

Founded: 1971

Clients Served: 700 Annually

Camelot Counseling was looking to streamline their operations while maintaining their person-centered approach. By meeting with staff throughout the agency to assess workflows, they built processes that allowed even more time for working with their clients.

Foothold’s effective and robust EHR training resources will prepare your agency to successfully understand and utilize your software for its distinctive needs.