EHR Security

With Foothold, you’re in safe hands.

As a Foothold customer, your data will be protected by some of the highest levels of EHR security available anywhere. Our software is one of the most secure web-based systems on the market. We work with a national cybersecurity firm, GreyCastle Security, to meet or exceed compliance standards set out by NIST, HIPAA, and other key regulatory bodies.

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With configurable permissions, ensure staff members have access to only the information they need to perform their work.

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Rest easy in the knowledge that your data undergoes 256-bit encryption at our world-class data centers.

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Bring cybersecurity best practices to your agency through our periodic security awareness initiatives.

“Foothold Technology's compliance score currently stands at 100% across all 18 control groups prescribed by HIPAA and the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. While compliance scores can change as time passes and technologies evolve, this score is among the highest we’ve ever seen. I can say without reservation that Protected Health Information (PHI) is as safe or safer with Foothold than it is any other vendor in the behavioral health market.”
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Reg Harnish
GreyCastle Security

EHR Security Features

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Communicate with other users at your agency quickly and efficiently with HIPAA compliant-messaging.

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Control who has access to your system, which parts of the database are available to them, and what they can or cannot do with the data. Set permissions so that staff members can see only the modules that are relevant to their work.

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Audit Trail ReportBuilder

Ensure that you’re meeting the ‘minimum necessary’ standard of access by reviewing data change and report-viewing information that is automatically captured by the system. Build custom audit reports that show the details of changes made to your database: including who, when, and what.

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Manage Login Access

Prevent unauthorized people from accessing your data system, whether in the event of time-sensitive staff turnover or any other event that requires moment-to-moment access adjustments.


How an Agency Kept Its Doors Open After a Disaster

Founded: 1990

Client Since: 2009

Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada provides behavioral health services to men, women, and families in the area. When a fire destroyed the agency’s office, they were able to continue service delivery since all their client data was stored in our secure data centers.

We take the security of your agency’s data and PHI incredibly seriously. We continuously refine our EHR security processes to give you peace of mind.