EHR Security

With Foothold, you’re in safe hands.

When you choose Foothold, you’re opting for unparalleled EHR security. Our platform is consistently recognized as one of the most secure EHR systems available, made for your peace of mind. Experience top-tier protection designed to safeguard your data against any EHR security risk. 

Partnering with industry leader GreyCastle Security, we exceed compliance standards from NIST, HIPAA, and other regulatory bodies, tackling all major PHI data security concerns. This collaboration ensures that your data’s integrity and confidentiality are always prioritized.

What is EHR Security?

EHR security refers to the measures and protocols implemented to protect electronic health records (EHRs) from unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats. It includes a range of practices, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits, that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive client information.

At Foothold, we prioritize your peace of mind by integrating industry-leading PHI data security practices into our features. Knowing your data is always protected will allow you to focus on delivering exceptional care.

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Tailor access with our configurable permissions, ensuring your team only sees what they need. This crucial step helps protect your data against risk and maintain operational efficiency.

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Rest easy knowing your data benefits from 256-bit encryption within our state-of-the-art data centers. This robust cybersecurity measure keeps your client information locked down tight.

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Empower your team with our regular security awareness initiatives, ensuring they stay proactive against PHI information security risks. Our sessions make best practices second nature to your staff.

“Foothold Technology's compliance score currently stands at 100% across all 18 control groups prescribed by HIPAA and the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. While compliance scores can change as time passes and technologies evolve, this score is among the highest we’ve ever seen. I can say without reservation that Protected Health Information (PHI) is as safe or safer with Foothold than it is any other vendor in the behavioral health market.”
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Reg Harnish
GreyCastle Security

EHR Privacy & Security Features

Our robust EHR privacy and security features ensure compliance with HIPAA and keep your PHI data safe.

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Communicate with other users at your agency quickly and efficiently with HIPAA compliant-messaging.

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Control who has access to your system, which parts of the database are available to them, and what they can or cannot do with the data. Configure permissions to ensure staff can only view and interact with data relevant to their roles, reducing security risks and maintaining compliance.

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Audit Trail ReportBuilder

Ensure that you’re meeting the ‘minimum necessary’ standard of access by reviewing data change and report-viewing information that is automatically captured by the system. Create detailed audit reports to track every change in your database—who made it, when, and what was changed.

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Manage Login Access

Prevent unauthorized people from accessing your data system, whether in the event of time-sensitive staff turnover or any other event that requires moment-to-moment access adjustments.

Enhanced Authentication

Leveraging adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) through the Okta network, Enhanced Authentication ensures your PHI data remains protected without burdening your team. Adaptive MFA assesses user behavior, context, and risk factors, applying MFA only when necessary. This not only heightens your EHR security but enhances user experience by minimizing disruptions.

Why Enhanced Authentication?

  • Adaptive MFA minimizes interruptions while maintaining robust security measures.
  • Meets stringent HIPAA EHR security requirements, reducing potential liabilities.
  • Dynamic responses to suspicious activities enhance your cybersecurity defenses.

How an Agency Kept Its Doors Open After a Disaster

Founded: 1990

Client Since: 2009

Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada provides behavioral health services to men, women, and families in the area. When a fire destroyed the agency’s office, they were able to continue service delivery since all their client data was stored in our secure data centers.

Your agency’s data and PHI security is our top priority. At Foothold, we strive to exceed the standard, continuously refining our privacy and security processes. Our proactive approach means we’re always a step ahead, adapting to new security challenges before they become threats.

With Foothold, you’re choosing a partner who is dedicated to safeguarding your data as diligently as you care for your clients.