EHR Scheduling

Sleek look, robust functionality.

Our calendar functionality provides users with a comprehensive scheduling system for staff, clients, programs, events, and locations. You can quickly view upcoming appointments, schedule new program events, and add progress notes all from one sleek, easy-to-navigate page. With our EHR scheduling feature, your calendar will be centralized and organized so you can focus on your clients.

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Configure personal settings to create the calendar view that works best for you.

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View any combination of staff calendars and events simultaneously to easily pull up a schedule overview for your agency.

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Streamline your documentation by creating and updating progress notes directly from the calendar.

“The ability for us, no matter where we are in the state, to have access to the information about any client at any given time, whether it’s after hours or on a holiday, has been the most important change for us.”
Angela Gerding
Angela Gerding
Program Enrichment Director,
Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc.

EHR Scheduling Features

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Customizable Settings

Configure your settings so the scheduler view works best for you. You can create custom colors for all events and specific event types, develop a custom list of appointment titles to quickly choose from.

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Reporting Capabilities

You can see aggregate event information for any range of time by developing custom reports directly from calendar events with our Calendar ReportBuilder.

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Progress Notes

Add progress notes to events from the calendar, for more streamlined and accurate documentation of services.

unique people services

How An Agency Coordinates Service Planning Across 20 Programs

Founded: 1991

Clients Served: Over 500 Annually

Unique People Services was planning all their services on paper. Staff were meeting with clients in the field and traveling back to the office to write their service plans. By transitioning to our software, they streamlined their entire documentation and quality assurance process.

Efficiently coordinate services with scheduling functionality that
speaks to the rest of your data.