EHR Reporting

Flexible, comprehensive, real-time reporting.

We offer powerful and flexible EHR reporting tools to empower agencies with the data management and reporting capabilities they need to demonstrate their value to funders and credentialing bodies, no matter what changes occur in the future.

As the human services industry shifts from volume to value-based service delivery, it’s becoming increasingly important for agencies to use their data to measure outcomes and evaluate their efforts on a continual basis.

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Access more than a hundred real-time report templates geared specifically to human services providers.

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Create custom reports from your data for real-time feedback on everything from staff performance to services delivered.

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Export your reports and your data in any format you require for use in other systems.

“Before Foothold we weren’t able to report on an agency-wide level. Everything was reported within each department. Now we have the ability to run reports for all programs and we have a broader outlook on our agency.”
The Arc of Essex County
Courtney Molinari
Assistant Director,
Data Compliance, The Arc of Essex County

EHR Reporting Features

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Our built-in ReportBuilder is a comprehensive report writer that can be used to create custom reports on the fly, using any data element in your system.

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For each ReportBuilder there is corresponding ExportBuilder functionality that enables users to export data in a variety of file formats for use outside of the software.

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Outcomes Reporting

Access dashboard metrics and service utilization reports so you can easily see if you are meeting your agency’s goals.

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InSights Analytics

InSights is a powerful EHR analytics platform that helps you aggregate and analyze all your data in customizable dashboards and data visualizations.

Bowery Residents’ Committee

How Data Analytics
Leads to Personalized Care

Founded: 1971

Clients Served: 700 Annually

Bowery Residents’ Committee has been providing housing to New Yorkers for over 40 years. But how were their individual residents actually doing? Through our reporting features, they can monitor outcomes in real-time and develop personalized interventions.

Flexible, comprehensive, real-time EHR reporting gives you a full view of agency performance and helps you to stay on course to achieve your mission.