EHR Interoperability

Make the connection.

Imagine all the specialists involved in your clients’ care, connected electronically, with access to a complete record of your clients’ history. For agencies in the Foothold community, this functionality is a reality.

Our software allows you to connect with Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), enabling you to share client data between providers within the same network. Automatically transmit client data upon the completion of common data entry tasks, while taking advantage of cutting edge EHR interoperability features that allow you to collaborate with labs, pharmacies, and other providers.

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Coordinate care by sending electronic documents to the HIE, so that other providers can benefit from your data.

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Retrieve data from other providers and incorporate into your database, to enable better client care.

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Access a selection of integrations that allow you to streamline communication with labs and pharmacies in your community.

“Interoperability allows us to merge information, communicate with the state, pull medical documentation — things that we could not do effortlessly without Foothold.”
Charlela Lacewell
Charlela Lacewell
Continuous Quality Improvement Coordinator,

EHR Interoperability Features

Our human services and care management software is designed with care coordination at the core, making it easier than ever to deliver the best service to the individuals you serve.

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Interoperability Center

The Interoperability Center provides options for HIE and Direct connections using the latest version of the C-CDA document, combined with secure and trusted connectivity.

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MedAllies HISP Connection

Our MedAllies HISP connection allows you to securely share health records with any provider in the country that has a Direct address. MedAllies offers an extensive directory to help you find the provider you need to communicate with.

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Our electronic lab order functionality gives you a direct connection with Quest, LabCorp, and hundreds of other labs. Integrating lab results within your EHR allows for easy tracking of results.

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Our E-Prescribing integration, complete with electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS), allows you to send prescriptions securely to your clients’ pharmacies.

Bowery Residents’ Committee

How Data Analytics
Leads to Personalized Care

Founded: 1971

Clients Served: 700 Annually

Bowery Residents’ Committee has been providing housing to New Yorkers for over 40 years. But how were their individual residents actually doing? Through data analytics, they can monitor outcomes in real-time and develop personalized interventions.

Through EHR interoperability, the data you contribute into the health system helps the system as a whole. You’ll be better prepared to collaborate with entities working with providers to share data — improving patient experience, outcomes, and costs.