EHR Automation

Eliminate double data entry in your EHR

EHR automation means you can say goodbye to your most tedious and error-prone admin processes with Simple Fractal’s Robotic Process Automation.

Specializing in automating data-intensive and error-prone processes like double data entry, data conversion, and claims scrubbing, their bots free your team from tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on what really matters—client care. Watch the video to see a both complete hours of EHR data entry work in minutes.

How Do EHR Automation Systems Work?

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Connects Non-Interfacing Systems

Bots enable data exchange between systems that lack direct connectivity, simplifying integration without altering existing infrastructure.

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Focus on Efficiency, Not Administration

Tasks that once took weeks can now be completed in hours. Streamline tedious, repetitive administrative tasks to concentrate on what truly matters.

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Scale As You Grow

The bot adjusts automatically to your needs—no need to hire more staff as you expand; it scales up or down seamlessly.

Our providers leverage bots to automate a variety of administrative tasks from data entry and conversion, HMIS integrations, audits, to claims scrubbing and more for their EHR automation needs.

Common Use Cases of EHR Automation

Our AWARDS clients and providers frequently encounter similar challenges. Here are a few effective ways bots can address these issues:

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Data Migration

Bots can quickly convert any data set and transfer from one EHR to the next for seamless integration and continuity.

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Systems Integration

Contrary to common belief, the absence of an (or insufficient) API doesn't prevent two systems from communicating. Simple Fractal bots can integrate ANY systems with bots.

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Compliance Auditing

Humans often comply with documentation samples manually. Simply give your compliance rules to a bot to flag errors and notify staff to make corrections.

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Service Plan Creation

Very frequently, staff need to create a service plan in AWARDS and then re-create it in a very specific format required by a payer. With a Simple Fractal bot, there's no need to do it twice.

HMIS Data Management

Integrate data from external sources with your HMIS data to get a better picture of social determinants of health.

Countless Others

With over 200 use cases already benefiting from bot automation, we invite you to explore how Simple Fractal solutions can address your specific EHR automation challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that uses software robots to automate repetitive tasks within electronic health records systems, known as EHR automation. This boosts efficiency, reduces errors, ensures consistency, and scales with healthcare needs, allowing medical staff to focus on higher-value work.

Bots are trained digital workers who automate workflows within EHR systems, payor portals, and internal documents and spreadsheets. These digital workers can perform functions in RCM, Client Services, and HR to enhance efficiency and scalability.

EHR automation employs bots to automate repetitive and routine tasks within EHR systems. By handling data entry, scheduling, and report generation automatically, EHR automation frees up healthcare staff to focus on patient interactions and other critical duties.

Double data entry occurs when information must be entered twice into EHR systems, often leading to increased workload and potential for errors. This redundant task can detract from client care and agency efficiency.

Yes, bots used in EHR automation are developed with robust security measures to comply with HIPAA and other privacy regulations, ensuring client data is handled securely and confidentially.

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How Goodwill Discovered
$22,000 in Medicaid Reimbursements

Founded: 1902

Clients Served: 136,000 Annually

When launching a new program, Goodwill took the opportunity to review their entire billing process. We worked with them to identify omissions in their data entry, helping them recoup thousands of dollars in reimbursements.

Our EHR automation features help you to streamline data entry, cleaning, and other time-intensive manual processes.