Electronic Prescribing (E-Prescribing) is a complete and feature-packed solution designed to give prescribing users the best possible experience for transmitting electronic prescriptions to pharmacies. E-Prescribing is powered by DrFirst’s Rcopia software which uses the Surescripts network and has state of the art solutions for EPCS (electronic prescribing for controlled substances) and PDMP (prescription drug management program).

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E-Prescribing gives providers increased patient safety and security, medication transparency, and accurate medication data when and where they need it to fuel positive outcomes.

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Our workflow PDMP solution allows for connectivity to many state Prescription Management Program (PMP) databases, to enhance patient care and medication management.

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E-Prescribing offers enhanced efficiency and convenience by streamlining the prescription process, and reducing wait times for patients.

“The time I save in not going through piles of paper files, means that our clients can get the appropriate attention much sooner.”
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E-Prescribing Features


Our E-Prescribing features revolutionize the way you handle prescriptions. These features are designed to simplify your tasks, boost productivity, and enhance your overall experience.

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Compliant & Reliable

Ensure compliance with the latest Surescripts APIs and SCRIPT standards while experiencing improved reliability, performance, and ease of use with our solution.

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Empower your providers with our seamless pre-registration process and robust EPCS system for effortless E-Prescribing, streamlining workflows and improving patient care.

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While connectivity may vary by state, experience unparalleled interoperability with state Prescription Management Program (PMP) and Prescription Drug Management Program (PDMP) databases.

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Streamlined Workflow

Transform your E-Prescribing workflow and save valuable time with our bi-directional workflow technology.

Prior Authorizations

Streamline your prior authorizations with our advanced E-Prescribing solution, enabling pharmacy messages between prescribers and pharmacies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Prescribers who need the ability to send EPCS prescriptions should contact the Help Desk for assistance.  Those prescribers will then receive an external email with instructions on completing the ID verification process and accessing EPCS.

Yes, allergies with the Type “Drug allergy,” “Drug intolerance,” or “Propensity to adverse reactions to drug” that also have a valid NDC Code (within RxNav) will sync with the E-Prescribing system.  However, if you use the Enter Free Text option to set the medication name and/or strength to be prescribed when creating a prescription, some interactions may not be detected.

The main difference between standalone and integrated E-Prescribing systems is their integration with other healthcare software. Standalone systems are independent applications focused only on E-Prescribing, while integrated systems are part of comprehensive healthcare software, such as EHR systems, offering integration with other clinical workflows.

Any time there are changes in process or workflow challenges can arise.  Embracing and trusting new technology and process tends to be the most common channels when transitioning to a new E-Prescribing solution.  Offering support via training and documentation is best when implementing a new system.

Many E-Prescribing solutions offer transparency into cost for treatment.  Directly from the solution, providers can explain costs and benefits of medications being prescribed saving time and money.

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Your agency thrives on efficiency and connectedness, we help you get there with our E-Prescribing solution.