EHR Functionality & Features

Transform the way you provide care

Our EHR software has a full suite of functions for case management and client tracking straight out of the box. We also offer a wide variety of add-on modules to cater to the unique needs of every human services agency.


Core Features


The service planning functionality in our software allows you to create, manage, and monitor service plans across your organization.



Create forms that collect the exact data that you need for your program’s service delivery, funding requirements, and reporting. Embed assessments and forms into your staff’s workflow, so that they can easily access the forms they need when working with their clients.


We offer powerful and flexible EHR reporting tools to empower agencies with the data management and reporting capabilities they need to demonstrate their value to funders and credentialing bodies, no matter what changes occur in the future.


EHR Interoperability

Our software allows you to connect with Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), enabling you to share client data between providers within the same network. Automatically transmit client data upon the completion of common data entry tasks, while taking advantage of cutting edge EHR interoperability features that allow you to collaborate with labs, pharmacies, and other providers.


Manage everything related to your agency’s billing within a configurable electronic billing system. Our integrated EHR billing feature allows you to tie service documentation directly to your claims, creating more efficient and accurate billing. Send claims, receive response files, check for insurance eligibility, and manage your revenue all within BillingBuilder. Our billing module is fully integrated with reporting, allowing you to run billing custom billing reports instantly.

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EHR Scheduling

Our calendar functionality provides users with a comprehensive scheduling system for staff, clients, programs, events, and locations. You can quickly view upcoming appointments, schedule new program events, and add progress notes all from one sleek, easy-to-navigate page. With our EHR scheduling feature, your calendar will be centralized and organized so you can focus on your clients.

Intake & Admissions

Whether your intake processes are simple or complex, in our software you’ll find the tools, options, forms, and assessments you need to organize your information and connect individuals to the appropriate programs and resources.


EHR Security

As a Foothold customer, your data will be protected by some of the highest levels of EHR security available anywhere. Our software is one of the most secure web-based systems on the market. We work with a national cybersecurity firm, GreyCastle Security, to meet or exceed compliance standards set out by NIST, HIPAA, and other key regulatory bodies.

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Selecting an EHR Guide

We have created an in-depth guide to everything you need to consider when selecting new software for your organization.