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Software as unique as the work you do.

Our developmental disabilities software is flexible and configurable, allowing you to track and manage all data related to services supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our extensive partnerships and expertise in the I/DD space allow us to deliver a software tool that is configured to the needs of your agency.

Our electronic documentation software is designed to be easy-to-use and accessible for Direct Service Providers working with their communities in a wide array of settings: from Residential Programs to Day Programs to community-based services.


Manage individualized care plans with ease and efficiency, through configurable service plans that track personalized outcomes.


Coordinate person-centered planning with housing, employment, and transportation features that connect individuals with communities.


Stay on track to meet regulatory requirements, with expertise from our team’s association partnerships and wide experience in the I/DD world.

"Before . . . it was all paper data collection. We really couldn’t keep an eye on what kind of services we were providing. With [Foothold], the data is at our fingertips."
Michele Meyer
Michele Meyer
Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance, Jewish Service for the Developmentally Disabled

I/DD Software – Key Features

Our IDD EHR is packed with features to help your agency support your community. Whether you provide services in a residential or community setting, our flexible, configurable software features are designed to fit the needs of developmental disability agencies.

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Create configurable forms that track the data your agency needs, in the format that works best for your team and your workflow.

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Build custom reports to analyze your entire agency’s operations, report to funders, and track outcomes.

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Create custom service plans to track the goals of the individuals you work with. Directly link your documentation to the related service plan goals.

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Manage I/DD billing services with authorizations, managed care, waiver, third-party, and direct contract billing with our built-in billing system. Directly link service plan documentation to your claims process.

Daily Checklists

Document the desired outcomes and goals of the individuals you work with. Configure your own rating scales and pull goals directly from service plans. Track progress as the individuals you serve continue to work towards their personal goals.

Diet & Medical

Have a centralized location for medical information: fully equipped with E-Prescribing, medication administration, E-MAR, immunizations, diet, vital signs, and more.

Supported Employment

Track employers, salaries, reasons for termination, trainings, and anything else related to supported employment.

Transportation Tracking

Track transportation for the individuals you serve and create claims for billable transportation services.


Direct Service Providers can easily and securely document their visits with our Electronic Visit Verification integration.

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How One Agency Recouped
$22,000 in Medicaid Reimbursements

Founded: 1902

Clients Served: 136,000 Annually

With a new program launching and a change in leadership, Goodwill conducted a full review of their data collection and billing processes. Our team worked with Goodwill to identify opportunities to streamline reporting and data entry through our disability case management software.

FAQ – Developmental Disabilities Software

I/DD software refers to software solutions designed to assist in the management and provision of services for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). These software solutions aim to streamline operations, improve the quality of care, and enhance the overall experience for both service providers and the individuals they support. Here are some of the key features and functionalities often found in I/DD software:

Individualized Service Plans (ISPs):

Creation, management, and tracking of Individualized Service Plans to ensure that each individual receives personalized care and support based on their unique needs and goals.

Case Management:

Comprehensive case management tools to track and manage all aspects of an individual’s care, including assessments, service coordination, and progress monitoring.

Documentation and Reporting:

Easy documentation of services provided, progress notes, assessments, and other essential information. Automated reporting tools to generate necessary reports for compliance and analysis.

Billing and Financial Management:

Billing tools to manage service authorizations, invoicing, and financial reporting to ensure accurate and timely billing.


Scheduling tools to manage appointments, staff schedules, and service delivery, ensuring that individuals receive the services they need when they need them.

Communication Tools:

Tools to facilitate communication between staff, individuals, families, and other stakeholders to ensure everyone is informed and engaged.

Compliance Management:

Features to help providers maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, including audit trails, electronic signatures, and secure data management.

Data Analytics:

Analytics tools to monitor and analyze service delivery, outcomes, and other key metrics to inform decision-making and continuous improvement.

Electronic Health Records (EHR):

Maintenance of electronic health records to provide a holistic view of an individual’s health, services, and supports.

Mobile Accessibility:

Mobile features that allow staff and other stakeholders to access essential information and perform key tasks on-the-go.

Integration Capabilities:

Integration with other systems and platforms to ensure seamless data sharing and coordination across all aspects of service delivery.

At Foothold, we’ve developed an integrated tool named BillingBuilder to streamline the billing process by directly linking service documentation to billing claims, beginning with authorizations. One major hurdle I/DD organizations face is managing authorizations effectively. It’s crucial for providers to have a clear understanding of the remaining authorization to ensure reimbursement. Additionally, keeping track of authorization renewals and expirations can be quite burdensome.

We alleviate these challenges by offering a robust system that keeps providers informed and updated on authorization statuses. Our platform simplifies documentation for a wide range of services including residential, day or community services, employment, behavioral health, respite, and many more. Regardless of the number of services, once documented, the information is instantly transferred to our sophisticated billing system – BillingBuilder.

BillingBuilder is designed with rules to ensure only service documentation that fulfills your provider’s billing requirements is included. It’s compatible with state Medicaid or any other third-party payer, creating a seamless bridge between service delivery and the billing team.

The landscape of I/DD billing has evolved to accommodate the dynamic human services needs. We are equipped to handle various billing models, be it daily reimbursement, fee-for-service, Value-based Payment, or Alternative Payment models. The versatility of our system allows for the integration of multiple billing models.

By integrating a proficient billing system with a professional billing team, we empower organizations to enhance efficiency, foster internal and external communication, mitigate risks, and effortlessly scale operations. Our comprehensive solution is tailored to meet the evolving demands of the billing process, ensuring a smooth and efficient billing journey.

In the context of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), the term “case management software” or “Electronic Health Record” (EHR) is more appropriate than EMR as it encompasses a broader range of information including long-term services and supports (LTSS) which are crucial for individuals with I/DD. EHRs provide a more holistic view of an individual’s health and service needs, going beyond just medical data to include other vital information that can enhance the coordination and provision of person-centered supports.

The terminology reflects a more inclusive and holistic approach to supporting individuals with I/DD in achieving their desired outcomes and improving their quality of life. It aligns better with the goals of providing comprehensive, coordinated, and person-centered care.

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