Transitional Services for NY

How a 25-year-old agency transformed a pile of paper files by using a cost-effective, streamlined software package

Services: Mental Health
Location: New York City
Year Founded: 1975
Total staff: 200 +
Annual Budget: $13 million

The Situation: Need to automate
For over 25 years, Transitional Services for New York (TSI) relied on paper files and charts to keep track of its consumers and the services they received. TSI’s Director of Quality Assurance and Information Technology, Peter Amato, realized that in order to become more efficient, and to accurately provide funders the information they needed, TSI needed to automate the way it tracked information. After spending three years and countless staff and financial resources attempting to build a system internally, Peter knew TSI needed another solution.

The Solution: AWARDS software from Foothold Technology
After an exhaustive process evaluating available technology, TSI first choose the ASP model because it required no technical infrastructure. Then, TSI selected AWARDS. In the four years since TSI began using AWARDS, virtually every aspect of the agency has been positively affected. “Internal communication has increased two thousand percent,” lauds Peter Amato. “Directors’ meetings that used to last two hours now last 30 minutes. I attribute this to how AWARDS has allowed us to capture and transmit information to each other in a highly efficient manner.” TSI worked with its staff members to train them to use AWARDS, and then they eliminated their paper forms. Case management at TSI has been streamlined and standardized, reporting is faster and easier, and the agency has saved tens of thousands of dollars using the ASP model for the software deployment since there is no hardware required.

The Result: A smooth transition to automated case management
“The process of upgrading and automating case management and client tracking is not an easy process,” Executive Director Larry Grubler explains. “We’re a social service agency, not a software company. Having the benefit of a software provider who understands the way social service agencies work was an invaluable asset in this process.” Larry’s auditors couldn’t agree more.

 “By the time it came around to purchasing software, Foothold Technology really stood out. The AWARDS software was by far the most affordable, quality option and that made it an easy sell to our management.”

Peter Amato, Director of Quality Assurance & Information Technology, TSI