Goodwill of Greater NY & NJ

$22,000 windfall from a routine house call

Who: Goodwill Industries of Greater NY & Northern NJ
Services: Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities
Year Founded: 1902
Clients Served: 136,000
Annual Operating Budget: $90 million
Using AWARDS Since: 2010

The Situation: Complex documentation requirements

Goodwill launched a new kind of outpatient Mental Health program and was using AWARDS to manage the program’s cases and generate Medicaid claims for those they serve. The agency had shifted from a less sophisticated electronic record to Foothold’s AWARDS software to ensure compliance with all the specific documentation requirements set by the funder. Shortly after making the transition, the agency also experienced a change in leadership which prompted a review of the agency’s data collection and billing processes.

The Solution: Service tracking by AWARDS BillingBuilder™

Every Foothold client is supported by a dedicated Senior Project Manager (SPM). Accompanied by a Foothold Implementation Consultant, the SPM sat down with program staff from the agency to provide an overview of the state’s documentation requirements through the lens of the AWARDS BillingBuilder. This feature tracks the agency’s services throughout a client’s history in the program—documenting everything from intake, progress notes, and Wellness Recovery Action Plans through outcomes—and generates claims automatically. Building on the experience of similar agencies in the Foothold community, the SPM helped identify omissions in the agency’s data entry and suggested ways the staff could streamline reporting. BillingBuilder pulls information directly from the service fields, so once those data omissions were corrected, more claims were generated, including those previously overlooked.

The Result: $22,000 in reimbursements

In addition to helping refine the agency’s operations, the exercise resulted in a recouping of $22,000 in Medicaid reimbursements immediately — with a promise of more complete and accurate billing going forward. The agency staff were united by this success with a renewed appreciation of AWARDS and Foothold’s customer support model.

“[These] programs are not simple to run, and I don’t know how we would do it without AWARDS and the support we receive from Foothold. The money we recouped was a team effort!” Jenna Tine, VP, Behavioral Health Services,
Goodwill Industries of Greater NY & NJ