Finding $171,000 lost in the couch: How a typical human service agency lost money due to staff turnover but turned that loss into a windfall through AWARDS

Organization Type: Mental Health and Homeless Services Agency
Location: New York City
Total staff: 200
Annual Operating Budget: $15 million

The Standard: Tracking clinical data using AWARDS

An agency providing mental health services and housing for the homeless had difficulty keeping track of its Medicaid billing, especially re-billing for services that lacked complete documentation. By using AWARDS, supervisors at the agency were able to closely monitor direct care staff to ensure that services were appropriately documented and identify programs where documentation was incomplete.

The Next Step: Using AWARDS to bill for services

AWARDS’ billing system tracks required documentation, including timely completion of service plans and service plan linked progress notes that contain all of the elements necessary to bill. The agency began using AWARDS’ billing system, and today reports its bills successfully for over 95% of its services. When a significant staff member left the agency, a call was made to the agency’s Foothold Technology Senior Project Manager (SPM) to assist in identifying some services that were provided but were never billed. As part of those collaborative meetings, the SPM also worked with staff to identify and resubmit billings for services that had previously been denied prior to the agency’s implementation of AWARDS.

The Result: More money, more services, no fear of an audit

In a letter of thanks to the staff at Foothold for this effort, their CFO wrote: “On behalf of myself and [my agency’s] staff, I would like to sincerely thank you for helping us to collect $171,000 from Medicaid re-billing payments. This has been an incredible help, to not only the staff at the agency, but also the consumers that we serve.” Along the same lines, a second executive director recently reported: “thanks to AWARDS we received a perfect score on the agency audit with the Medicaid Inspector General – I didn’t even know that was possible.”

“By the time it came around to purchasing the software, Foothold Technology really stood out. The AWARDS software was by far the most affordable, quality option and that made it an easy sell to our management.” Peter J. Amato, Associate Director, Corporate Compliance, Information Technology & Staff Development,
Transition Services for NY


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