Beacon of Hope House

How one Catholic Charities switched software vendors and galvanized its services and staff

Who: Beacon of Hope House
Services: Mental Health
Location: New York City
Year Founded: 1982
Total staff: 125
Annual Budget: $12 million

The Situation: Difficult internal audits

Beacon of Hope House (BOHH), a division of Catholic Charities Services in New York City, began using an electronic client record in the mid-1990s. While initially ahead of the curve with its electronic chart, the agency was challenged as the system didn’t progress swiftly enough with the changes in technology. To document service plans and progress notes, eventually the agency experienced challenges in staff oversight and internal record audits. Serving over 500 individuals, BOHH needed a more efficient way to process client information.

The Solution: AWARDS software from Foothold Technology

After growing increasingly frustrated with the shortcomings of their current system, BOHH began to reassess its software options. When it learned of other Catholic Charities organizations already on board as part of the Foothold community, BOHH was enticed and the selection process was swift. With its alerts functionality, direct connection to billing, and thorough record-keeping abilities, AWARDS was the answer, and BOHH saw how it could remedy its current issues by making a switch.

The Result: Better support, better record-keeping, better client care

AWARDS transformed BOHH for both clients and employees. By utilizing the alert system, staff members are given multiple reminders about completing their documentation, allowing them to better manage their time and provide more thorough reports. This gives employees more detailed information about each individual, which in turn provides more beneficial client care. Michele Miller, Director of Quality Improvement, reports, “the nightly key word search has been an invaluable tool to ensuring that all individuals are aware of issues on a timely basis, from direct care to senior staff. This has enabled additional support to be available to assist our clients during these times, as well as provide support to our staff.” Additionally, through use of BillingBuilder, they are now able to link their service documentation directly to their billing, giving them more detailed control over the quality of their billing documentation and more revenue for their programs.

“In addition to assisting our staff in meeting their documentation responsibilities on time, the AWARDS system has provided Beacon of Hope House with a much more comprehensive oversight of client concerns and needs.” – Michele Miller, Director of Quality Improvement & Staff Development, Beacon of Hope House