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Our care management software is built to support the unique requirements of Health Homes, backed by a team with deep roots in the care management world. Easy-to-use and intuitive, our platform allows Care Managers to see the full picture of their caseloads and spend more time working with their clients.

Over 50% of New York State’s Health Home member enrollment is on our platform, allowing over 160 Care Management Agencies (CMAs) to use our software to collaborate on care.


Intuitive for Care Managers. With easy access to actionable information, spend less time clicking and more time working with your clients.

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Care management and billing — all in one system. Manage your full care coordination and billing cycle in one simple platform.


Our team gets it. Partner with a team that understands the ins and outs of Health Homes and their evolving requirements.

"I’ve heard consistently — from every Care Manager I've spoken with — that Foothold Care Management’s system is the one they want to be using. When we talk to CMAs considering joining CCMP, Foothold Care Management is a major selling point."
Nathan Ito-Prine
Director of Operations and Business Development, Community Care Management Partners Health Home

Care Management Software Features

Our platform is packed with functionality to transform the way your organization supports your community. Our intuitive, easy-to-use features are designed to fit the unique needs of NY State Health Homes and Care Management Agencies.

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Caseload Coverage Overview

Get an overview of your clients with a user-friendly interface that includes encounters, core service encounters, segments, claims, and billable statuses.

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Gaps in Care

Care Managers can easily track progress when addressing gaps in member care. Link these files directly to care plans for efficient tracking and reporting.

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Clinical Event Notifications

Notifications from RHIOs can be automatically sent to the relevant Care Managers and their supervisors.

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Send claims and documentation data directly to the MAPP HHTS, with a best-in-class MAPP sync and ongoing customer support.

Integrated Billing

Generate claims and CMA statements efficiently, with Health Home billing requirements handled automatically by the system. Void and resubmit claims if HML rate codes change.

Built-In Program Rules

Use built-in HML logic to complete HMLs with the necessary number of core services, face-to-face encounters, and other requirements.

Reports and Raw Data Extracts

Analyze your data with our built-in reports, CSV exports, and raw data extracts.

Stakeholder Inclusion

Attend roundtables with other customers to discuss our product roadmap and emerging Health Home requirements. We regularly check in with our customers to address their individual needs.

Monthly Training

We offer monthly trainings to keep Care Managers, supervisors, and billing staff up-to-date with the latest features.

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