New York 1115 Waiver Resource Center

In January 2024, CMS granted $7.5B in support to the 1115 Medicaid Waiver, launching New York into a new era of health equity.

This pivotal moment invites Social Care Networks (SCNs) to bridge Health Related Social Needs (HRSN) and provide comprehensive care for all New Yorkers. Foothold Technology stands at the forefront, your experienced navigator through the complex landscape of EHR and care coordination, ready to propel SCNs from inception to full operational strength.

Once SCNs are chosen in June 2024, organizations will have only 6 months to complete implementation. We are ready to swiftly meet that deadline and help you know exactly what to do next.

             Critical Milestones for Social Care Networks

  • April 5, 2024: SCN Lead Entity RFA Submission Deadline
  • June 1, 2024: Anticipation of SCN Selection
  • August 1, 2024 – March 30, 2027 SCN Contract Period

EHR/CM Software Implementation

A Single Platform for SCN Screening, Reporting, Referrals, Service Delivery & Billing

Our white glove service supports you through every implementation phase, ensuring you’re ready and in compliance to start service by the waiver deadline.

Together, we’ll work shoulder to shoulder to craft the tailored solution your SCN needs.

With the 1115 Waiver, New York SCNs have a unique chance to lead their region. Foothold Technology is here to make sure you do successfully.

We are the Premier Data Partner for Social Care Networks

Foothold brings a legacy of over 20 years in nuanced care coordination and are now channeling that depth of experience into empowering SCNs. Our platform is fine-tuned to meet the unique requirements of the NY 1115 Waiver, making us the natural choice for Social Care Networks seeking to deliver top-tier, evidence-based social care to New Yorkers.


of downstate NYS Health Home members. 51% of total NYS membership.


Monthly Members Served


of Health Home revenue cycle handled per month


Care Management Agencies

With our profound Health Home experience we don’t just understand New York’s healthcare landscape; we’ve helped shape it. We’re purpose built for SCNs.


From Health Homes to Social Care Networks:

We’re New York’s Choice For Comprehensive Care

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Screening & Referrals

Connect individuals to the right services easily with our screening and integrated closed-loop referral systems.

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Network Management

Lean on our experts for the support and guidance your network needs to work smoothly.

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Fiscal Management

Our system handles your billing, so you can focus on care, not paperwork.

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Better Care Coordination

FCM helps your care teams work together more effectively and drive positive health outcomes.

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Reporting & Analytics

Our DataStudio consolidates and manipulates various data sources into a single, centralized location for performance, fiscal, and operational reports.

How Will the Ecosystems of Health Homes and Social Care Networks Work?

Foothold Technology streamlines care coordination by integrating key components of the Social Care Network into one place.

SCN ecosystem

Foothold Technology simplifies care coordination by offering flexible tools and resources that support the diverse needs of SCNs — from screening to billing. We make it easier for SCNs to deliver better care to New Yorkers and keep you delivering evidence-based, impactful care across the state.

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Unified Solutions

Leverage tools designed to support screenings to service delivery and billing. Our approach prioritizes flexibility, enabling SCNs and CBOs to choose solutions that best fit their resource allocation and operational need.

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Seamless Integration

Smoothly integrate various systems within your care ecosystem, connecting effortlessly with leading referral management platforms for agile care coordination.

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Data-Driven Insights

Harness the full power of our tools for seamless data integration, offering insights and secure exchanges to elevate SCN operations.

Personalized Support & Training

Dedicated training and ongoing support ensure SCNs and CBOs maximize the use of our platform, driving efficiency and enhancing care outcomes.

Regardless of your role—applying as an SCN or contributing as a CBO—our commitment is unwavering. Together, we’ll set the standard for whole person care in New York.

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