AWARDS Training

Foothold Training Philosophy

Foothold Technology utilizes the Train-the-Trainer model of training new users on AWARDS. This enables Foothold customers to develop a robust internal training and support team, nurture real ownership of the agency's database by the staff who use it, and keep training costs to a minimum. Start-up training consists of three full days of live training, and comes standard with a new AWARDS contract. These three days of training cover many basics of AWARDS use and help those in attendance to become effective trainers for other users within their agency. In addition, most contracts include additional training days which can be used at any time.

AWARDS Certification Program

Because AWARDS is in use by more than 900 agencies across the nation, we offer an AWARDS Certification program. The Certification curriculum is a rigorous, three-level training program for agencies aiming to turn staff members into true AWARDS experts. These experts can then provide invaluable support to various departments within the agency. Complete implementation and utilization of AWARDS requires well-trained personnel to train, assist, and support staff as they enter and work with client information in your database. In addition to an intensive understanding of the software and its application to the agency, the Certification courses also ensure a working knowledge of the planning and coordination aspects of project management and implementation. Candidates are asked to attend required workshops and complete exams that assess readiness for certification. For more information about our training programs and policies, please contact our Training department at, or speak with your Foothold representative.
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