Outcomes Reporting

As the industry shifts from volume to value-based service delivery, it’s becoming increasingly important for agencies to use their data to measure outcomes and evaluate their efforts on a continual basis. Foothold AWARDS software for human service providers offers powerful and flexible reporting tools to empower agencies with the data management and reporting capabilities they need to demonstrate their value to funders and credentialing bodies, no matter what changes occur in the future.

Outcomes Reporting – DataBridge, ReportBuilder, and ExportBuilder
AWARDS offers more than a hundred real-time reports geared specifically to Behavioral Healthcare and I/DD providers. AWARDS also has a DataBridge feature that allows an administrator to query the entire database and create ad-hoc reports at will. This feature offers incomparable access to real-time ad-hoc reporting.

ReportBuilder is a comprehensive report writer built into AWARDS that can be used to create custom reports on the fly using thousands of data tracking options in AWARDS. For each ReportBuilder there is also corresponding ExportBuilder functionality that enables users to export AWARDS data in a variety of file formats for use outside of AWARDS.

AWARDS helps providers assess population trends, outcomes and monitor agency operations. Features for reporting on outcomes include:

  • Assessment Data – Enter, update, and view data for charting timetable assessment events
  • Assessment Reports – Generate reports of information entered in FormBuilder forms
  • Census Report – Monitor census information through custom census reports
  • Daily Checklist Monthly Summary – View res hab/day hab summary reports
  • Dashboard – View at-a-glance graphs and tables of consumer and data entry counts and trends
  • Discharge Levels – View reports of outcome categories from consumer discharge records
  • FormBuilder – Configure custom assessment forms and run reports on data collected via those forms
  • Goal Outcomes Report – Assess goal outcomes through viewing read-only goal outcomes reports
  • Hospitalization – Monitor hospitalization rates through the viewing of hospitalization reports
  • Meaningful Use Dashboard – View objective and quality measure reports for Meaningful Use
  • Population Trends – Monitor population trends through the viewing of population trends reports
  • Services Utilization Reports – Monitor service utilization through the viewing of reports

AWARDS is fully featured human services software for I/DD and behavioral health service providers. We work with 1,000+ agencies to improve operational performance and help them to improve outcomes for the people they serve.

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