Foothold’s AWARDS HMIS:

  • Is fully customizable to meet changing HUD / agency / continuum needs
  • Assists staff in managing all aspects of service provision through each stage of your continuum of care
  • Gives management access to real-time program and administrative reports (client load, case management assignments, agency demographics, performance measure outcomes progress)
  • Provides up-to-the-minute shelter bed availability as well as transitional and permanent housing vacancy information
  • Generates HUD’s Annual Progress Report and is customizable to generate reports for other Federal, State and Local funders
  • Uses built-in and fully customizable forms that standardize the collection of data across your continuum
  • Provides administrative data to inform the community planning and needs assessment process
  • Allows secure e-mail messaging for staff throughout one site or at every site in your continuum through the built-in Messaging module
  • Manages client confidentiality and consent to release information agreements
  • Generates unique identifier to ensure an accurate unduplicated client count across your continuum
  • Allows for the transfer of existing client data from ODBC-compliant software
  • Uses web-based technology to save money and eliminate need for wide area network (WAN) technology and systems administration costs.
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