Proven Savings of Time and Money

Foothold clients report saving an average of 88% and even up to 98% of time on documentation with AWARDS Software for Human Service Providers.

Below is an Executive Summary by our CEO, Marlowe Greenberg, that offers a brief overview of the impact on time and resources observed by AWARDS users.

Stats of Time and Money Saved by Agencies Using AWARDS

The data used for this paper was self-reported by five Foothold clients. Clients selected for review must have been using the software for at least 6 months and the software must be in use by a minimum of 25% of the relevant staff at each agency.

The table below follows a simple methodology. Clients were asked to provide the following information for one or two randomly selected external, required reports. Clients were asked for:

  1. the type of program for which the report is issued
  2. the type of reports in question
  3. the number of hours required for report generation prior to using AWARDS at the agency
  4. the number of hours required for report generation now
  5. the frequency of report issuance

Because of the nature of our requests, we asked agencies only for one or two reports as examples of the impact of AWARDS. As a result of this small number of reports, aggregate assertions of time saved become less applicable. Therefore, we have created a calculation called: “Average time saved” which allows the reader to extrapolate the savings offered by AWARDS onto his or her own agency. Average time saved is remarkably consistent across reports and across agencies. It is this average time saved that best represents the impact AWARDS will have on your agency.

The average percent of time saved on generating reports is 88%. This represents a significant opportunity for improving agency efficiency. If your agency spends 1000 hours generating all its reports in a year, it will save 880 hours using AWARDS and spend only 120 hours – a savings of 22 weeks.

Our billing process now takes 5 staff hours per month, about 98.2% time savings compared to 288 hours per month on average before AWARDS. Not only does For all agencies looking to bill directly for the services they provide, we offer BillingBuilder™, our Build-Your-Own Billing module that allows users to configure billing files for dozens of payers in addition to the direct link to Medicaid and Medicare already built into the software. Your agency’s clinical and programmatic data will flow seamlessly from the AWARDS electronic chart into the proper structure in the billing module. From there, you can use the module to create claims to be paid. With BillingBuilder™, AWARDS establishes a more direct relationship between program services and billing activities. Because both fiscal and program service staff rely on a single system for billing-related information, there are fewer opportunities for errors in communication, and less time and energy is expended on reporting of this information. Furthermore, your Foothold support team will work with you to address the inevitable changes in regulations, ensuring your agency’s continued compliance. Results for your agency include more internal control and greater transparency in the billing process as well as increased success with audits. There is additional support and an additional cost associated with BillingBuilder™. take less time, but the results are much better due to not having coding errors, rounding errors, or other calculation errors like before. -Ed Carpenter, Mended Reeds

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