Our Team


Marlowe Greenberg – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marlowe has worked with nonprofit organizations and local governments as a consultant and educator, and is keenly aware of the philosophical and change-management issues that occur with the integration of new technology. He shapes many of the partnerships that help Foothold serve its client agencies.

Marlowe was previously a partner in the Flores Greenberg Consulting Group, where he directed projects for organizations such as Cisco Systems, Inc., the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, and the City of Detroit. He also taught Microeconomics and Education Policy as well as a project-based class for graduate students at the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy. Prior to that, Marlowe worked at the Democratic Leadership Council’s think tank and Jobs for the Future in Boston, MA.

Marlowe graduated from Vassar College with honors. He holds a BA in Sociology, and completed coursework in Philosophy. He received his Master’s of Public Policy degree from the University of Michigan. He is a member of the Association of Public Policy Analysis & Management as well as the American Political Science Association. Marlowe is also an adjunct professor at the Milano School of Business at the New School University in New York City.

Marlowe has published several articles about the use of web-based technologies in nonprofit organizations. Below are a few selected links:

An article on choosing the right behavioral healthcare vendor
An article on the growth and development of RHIOs, Health Homes, and HIEs

Nick Scharlatt – Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Nick is responsible for Foothold Technology’s client relationships. In addition to working with agencies, Nick works with nonprofit membership associations and local and national governments. Agencies should benefit from the experience of other agencies and keep up to date with the most recent government mandates. Nick helps this important information reach all stations in the Foothold universe.

Nick came to Foothold Technology after several years in the private sector, working in sports media and business. Formerly the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Sporting News magazine, Nick has also spent time at ESPN Classic, Major League Baseball, CBS Sports during the Albertville Olympics; he has also worked as a sous chef at the Boonville Hotel in Northern California.

Nick graduated from Vassar College with a BA in English. He is an advisor to two local organizations: Harlem RBI: Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities and Career Gear: providing counseling, clothing and follow up support to men seeking employment.

Tom Mitchell – Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Tom is responsible for the original development of the AWARDS application, having served in the nonprofit social service and housing community as a software designer and network administrator for decades. He has worked closely with providers in NYC to design and develop database applications that monitor contract compliance, facilitate Continuous Quality Improvement, capture all information for oversight agency reports, and provide internal monitoring of data quality and agency performance.

Tom is knowledgeable and experienced in data modeling and database design. His expertise includes the LAPP architecture (Linux-Apache-Postgres-PHP). Tom has particular insight into usability issues resulting from his direct interaction with line staff and supervisors doing their day to day work with the application for many years. He is one of the few programmers who has dedicated his life to making technology work for nonprofits.


Paul Rossi – Director of Client Services

In addition to overseeing Foothold Technology’s compliance with HUD’s HMIS Data Standards, Paul works with Foothold’s statewide and multi-county database implementations supporting clients in process development, implementation planning, database administration and training. Prior to joining Foothold Technology as their Philadelphia based Director of Homeless Information Services in 2001, Paul spent more than ten years in Los Angeles providing direct client services to the homeless and those living with HIV/AIDS as well as serving as the Director of Programs for the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

From his experiences in both the public and private sectors, Paul brings a unique perspective to the non-profit/social service arena and a keen interest in improving the efficiency of social service delivery. Using his technical expertise, program management and client service experiences, Paul helped to develop the HMIS version of AWARDS. In 2014, Paul was named to the Board of the National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC), an organization focused on developing effective leadership for the best use of information technology to manage human services. Paul is a graduate of the University of Miami.

David Bucciferro – Senior Advisor

David came to Foothold Technology after more than 25 years at the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYSOMH), most recently serving as the Director of the Rehabilitation Services Unit. He brings a visionary yet practical insight into program development, budgeting, performance management, and compliance culled from a distinguished career in mental health services. David started his career at the NYSOMH in the Budget Unit and then joined the Bureau of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, where he worked with community-based providers to develop and improve a broad range of services including employment, Psycho-Social Clubs, ACT and other support and outpatient programs. During this time, he worked with both private and public stakeholders to effect significant changes to the system of care. His accomplishments include the creation of the first fully Medicaid funded program in the nation dedicated to the delivery of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (IPRT) and the creation of an innovative person-centered, recovery-focused benefits package (PROS).

In his current role, David shares his experience and technical expertise in developing compliance and program standards with providers and local governments across the country, with an emphasis on best practices for data collection and evaluations protocols. David graduated from Siena College with a BS in Chemistry and was trained in Psychiatric Rehabilitation by the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. He is a recipient of the NYAPRS President’s Award and currently serves on the Board of Education in New York’s Capitol Region.

Yehuda Charm – Senior Project Manager

At Foothold, Yehuda is responsible for ensuring that clients receive the support they need to implement AWARDS successfully. Before coming to Foothold, Yehuda worked for various nonprofits. At the National Jewish Council for Disabilities he created and implemented social recreational programs for people living with disabilities, later advancing to supervising all of the programs in the metro New York region.

Yehuda is a graduate of Yeshiva University with a BS in Psychology and Sociology, and a Master’s of Social Work from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work.

Laura Griffis Marshall – Senior Project Manager

Laura has worked in the nonprofit sector in a variety of settings and is particularly attuned to addressing the challenges of organizational change management. Her professional experiences include analyzing financial strategies to increase New York State’s public investment in the Human Services sector, strategic planning for developing microfinance programs in New York City and Tanzania, managing the East African division of a US-based nonprofit organization, and Peace Corps service in West Africa.

Laura earned a Master’s of Science in Nonprofit Management from The New School University as well as a Master’s of Theological Studies from Harvard University. She also holds a BA in Comparative Religion from Wesleyan University.

Rachel Miller – Senior Project Manager

Prior to joining Foothold Technology, Rachel worked in both the nonprofit sector and New York City government. Her nonprofit experiences began with direct service provision and moved on to program/contract monitoring and data collection for a variety of behavioral health programs. In this role she also assisted in the implementation of a new electronic health record, training staff to utilize the system and improving the agency’s ability to meet all reporting requirements. Rachel also worked at the NYC Division of Mental Hygiene, where she coordinated the development of state-mandated local government plans for NYC’s mental health, substance use and developmental disabilities services.

In her role at Foothold, Rachel uses her varied work experience to develop and maintain relationships with customer agencies, helping them with their ongoing use and expansion of AWARDS. In this capacity she works with Foothold customers to harness their database and think critically about how they can use and improve their data. Rachel also participates in internal AWARDS development projects, bringing forward customer requests to ensure Foothold’s ongoing enhancements to the database address the real needs of our customers.

Rachel graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a BA in Anthropology, and earned a Master’s of Public Administration degree from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, with a Certificate in Information Technology Policy and Management.

Juliette Palmer – Senior Project Manager

Juliette is committed to bringing the benefits of technology to non-profit management by creating systems for effective service delivery and inter-agency communication. She came to Foothold Technology having worked in a variety of social service settings in New York City, primarily in the areas of housing and homelessness. She has provided direct services for tenants facing eviction, supportive housing residents, and formerly incarcerated individuals. She is also experienced in advocacy and community organizing, program development and management, program evaluation, grant-writing, supportive housing development, and alcohol and substance abuse services. Most recently, she managed the implementation of AWARDS at Palladia, Inc., a large multi-service agency, and brings this first-hand experience to her work with Foothold’s clients. She also coordinated Palladia’s HIPAA compliance efforts, and is especially attuned to the privacy and confidentiality concerns of social service agencies.

Juliette graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in sociology and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work at Hunter College.

Careful Planning Will be a Big Help – Behavioral Healthcare

Joshua Clickman – Client Services

Joshua brings over a decade of customer service expertise to Foothold Technology, with the majority of that time spent fully supporting a web based EHR as Director of Customer Service. Joshua’s primary focus has been to assist behavioral health agencies with their electronic billing, financial and data base reporting to better optimize their software experience and increase revenues.

With Foothold, Joshua is the Billing and Finance Team Lead where he is responsible for providing sound billing/financial guidance to clients, orchestrating BillingBuilder demos, and providing imaginative solutions to further enhance the AWARDS billing and finance module.

Sarah Galena – Implementation Consultant

Sarah works with Foothold clients to ensure that their implementation of the AWARDS software is a positive experience and a seamless process. Sarah came to Foothold from HHS-Connect, where she was a training and outreach specialist for ACCESS NYC, a project of the New York City Deputy Mayor’s office that leverages technology to provide better Social Services. Sarah has extensive software training experience in non-profit organizations. She has also assisted organizations in implementing technology into their service delivery models. Prior to her work for the City of New York, Sarah was a program director at the National Jewish Council for Disabilities where she created recreational programs for adults with developmental disabilities.

Sarah graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Special Education and a Master’s of Education with a focus on Transition Planning.

Janaki Parthasarathy – Implementation Consultant

Janaki works with Foothold’s new clients to integrate AWARDS smoothly into their program workflows and manage the associated organizational changes. She came to Foothold with a background in helping nonprofits adapt to new technology. She has worked with a variety of agencies, including resource & referral agencies, housing organizations, Head Starts, statewide nonprofit networks, and city social service agencies. Prior to joining Foothold, Janaki worked with a program that uses screening software to help low-income families access benefits such as Medicaid, Food Stamps and Child Care Assistance. She started her career in implementation working with the Early Care & Learning Council, a statewide network of Child Care Resource & Referral agencies, to implement a resource & referral software throughout their network.

Janaki has volunteered as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse, and was a member of the Albany County Community Accountability Board, a program that provides an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system for offenders of non-violent crimes. As a student, she interned with the NYC Department of Homeless Services and the Mayor’s office in the City of Ithaca. Janaki earned a BA in Anthropology and a Master’s of Public Administration from Cornell University.

Ivy Raff – Implementation Consultant

As an AWARDS implementation consultant, Ivy works with new clients to manage a smooth integration of the software into their daily operations. Ivy has a passion for helping social services agencies help themselves. She has worked as a program evaluator at Project Renewal, where she assisted in implementing AWARDS and trained line staff in its use. Subsequently, Ivy oversaw the Department of Social Services’ program budget at the New York City Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget, working with that agency to minimize service impacts in the face of budget reductions.

Ivy has volunteered teaching yoga to GLBTQ youth in foster care, as well as tutoring adults in the Spanish-language GED. Ivy graduated with honors from Fordham University with a double BA in Economics and Psychology and from Baruch College with an MPA in Policy Analysis and Evaluation.

Sara Tunick – Implementation Consultant

Sara works with new Foothold Technology clients to smoothly integrate AWARDS into their daily workflows. She came to Foothold with a strong belief that technology can empower agencies to be more focused on their clients and provide better services. Previously, she worked with LGBTQ homeless youth at the Ali Forney Center, where she was instrumental in implementing AWARDS and training staff. She has also worked with women returning to the community from prison, and survivors of intimate partner and domestic violence.

Sara holds a BA in the Liberal Arts with concentrations in Psychology, Biology and Classical Literature from Sarah Lawrence College and a Master’s of Social Work degree from Columbia University. In her free time, she studies several martial arts and holds a 2nd degree black belt in iaido, a traditional Japanese sword art.


Melissa Seymour – Director of Quality Assurance

Melissa is responsible for providing Foothold Technology’s customers with the information they need to use AWARDS. She developed and maintains the AWARDS user’s manuals and online help system, and also provides technical support of the application to its users. Melissa is committed to helping all AWARDS users perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively, and to ensure that they have a positive experience with the application.

Melissa graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in political science and communication studies. She came to Foothold with several years of technical writing experience, and was instrumental in the development of documentation and help systems for her former employers’ various software applications.

Alex Attinson – Quality Assurance

At Foothold Technology, Alex works as part of the Quality Assurance team and manages internal Information Technology as well as several other special projects. In 2011 he produced the annual Foothold Users Conference, where he added several new elements like social networking and interactive exhibitions. He also initiated the FootholdConnect program of events that connect clients directly to the experts on Foothold’s Client Services and Training teams. Alex is responsible for implementing and administering Google Apps at Foothold and is always on the lookout for cutting edge applications to promote creativity and productivity.

Alex is a graduate of Emory University with a BA in Economics (ODE) and History, where he was an SGA Divisional President and member of the Cycling and Triathlon team.

Careful Planning Will be a Big Help – Behavioral Healthcare

Tanya Coraci – Quality Assurance

As part of the Quality Assurance team at Foothold, Tanya is responsible for a variety of tasks which include assisting with Help Desk requests, creating documentation and online training films for clients, and testing new AWARDS functionality. With a background in corporate training, she also assists with the training of new AWARDS users. Her previous professional experiences include teaching leadership development and coaching skills to management of a major US bank, creating training manuals and standard operating procedures for financial organizations, testing software enhancements for a leading life insurance provider, and coordinating the training needs of a corporate merger among two leading life insurance companies.

Tanya earned a BS from Michigan State University with a major in Mathematics, and while doing so spent three years as a Calculus teaching assistant. She then graduated from Davenport University with an MBA in Strategic Management. She has a special interest in performance improvement. In her spare time, Tanya volunteers as an adviser to the Alpha Omicron Pi International Fraternity where she supports young women in leadership positions.

Amy Glover – Quality Assurance

Amy joined Foothold Technology after working for 10 years in the behavioral health field. She has a diverse background working as a family preservation case manager, substance abuse and addiction specialist, and volunteered her time as an advocate for domestic violence and sexual abuse/assault victims. Before joining Foothold, Amy was the Director of Quality Improvement for Residential Services at a New York City non-profit, which provides housing services to adults with mental illness and a history of homelessness, as well being responsible for training and staff development.

At Foothold, Amy is a member of the Application Development Division and is a contributor to the Quality Assurance Team and Training Division. She graduated with a BS in Counseling from Newman University in Wichita, Kansas and a Master’s degree in Social Work Administration from Columbia University. Amy is a Licensed Social Worker with the State of New York. In her spare time, she uses her knitting and crocheting skills to help Warm Up America!, a charitable foundation dedicated to providing warm blankets, clothing and other items to people in need.

Emily Lovrince – Quality Assurance

Emily joined Foothold Technology with experience in social science research and case management in work readiness programs. As an investigator for a capacity-building study for nonprofit organizations in Detroit, she understands the need for affordable and functional technology among these agencies. Emily also worked for a municipal human resources department, with experience in reporting to all levels of government and insurance providers.

Emily uses her diverse background as a member of the Quality Assurance team to provide Help Desk support to AWARDS users. Emily is a graduate of Wayne State University and holds both her BA and MA degrees in Social Work.

Michelle Nevius – Quality Assurance

Michelle joined Foothold Technology after working for over a decade for HELP USA, a social service agency in New York. She also was Project Renewal’s project manager for their AWARDS implementation. After working for five years as a customer of the AWARDS software, she became a Foothold Technology employee. As part of the Quality Assurance team, she provides user support, helps implement new software features, and works as a member of development teams for software enhancements.

Michelle received her B.A., M.A., and M.Phil. degrees from Columbia University, studying ancient history, archaeology, and art history, which she also taught both at Columbia and Hunter College. A New York City expert, she is the author, with her husband, of three books about the city.

Kelly Pickell – Quality Assurance

Kelly has worked in the non-profit sector for over 12 years, starting as the front desk coordinator for the Center for the Homeless and then becoming the database administrator where he helped to implement AWARDS. Prior to joining Foothold Technology, Kelly served as the System Administrator for the Indiana Balance of State Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) where he increased HMIS participation and implemented important data quality measures using AWARDS to help improve the quality of data in the state. Under Kelly’s leadership the state was able to fully participate in the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR).

Kelly serves on the Quality Assurance team at Foothold Technology, where he works to make sure users can get good quality data out of AWARDS. Kelly assists with Help Desk requests, documentation and testing of new functionality and features. Kelly is a graduate of Anderson University with a BA in Computer Science. In his spare time he serves on the Board of Directors for Pet Refuge Inc., a local no-kill animal shelter in northern Indiana where he volunteers and fosters dogs.

Karen Sagor – Quality Assurance

Karen joined Foothold Technology with over 12 years of experience in Behavioral Healthcare. While much of her experience focused on treating adults coping with mental illness, she also provided counseling and support to children in a clinic setting and in a domestic violence shelter. Most recently, as a Program Director, Karen facilitated the conversion of a Continuing Day Treatment Program and Supported Employment Program to a PROS program.

Karen uses her diverse background as a member of the Quality Assurance team, to provide Help Desk support to AWARDS users and ensure that program enhancements are integrated into the application in a seamless manner. Karen is a graduate of Cornell University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from New York University. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New York.


Jack Herzberg – Director of Training

Jack brings over 15 years of social service experience to his training work at Foothold. He was a core group member of Stop AIDS Orange County (California) and trained other volunteers to facilitate the program as it expanded. He was Director of AIDS Response Program, a community-based prevention group, and later implemented an HIV education program for substance abuse agencies for the Orange County Healthcare Agency. As a contractor for the California State Office of AIDS, he trained professionals and volunteers to administer HIV pre- and post-test counseling throughout the state, and ran the state-funded HIV test sites for the City of Long Beach Health Department. As a case manager for AIDS Services Foundation Orange County, he worked with multiply-diagnosed clients and later worked there as Housing Coordinator, creating several housing programs and training staff at county agencies in the implementation of these services.

Jack graduated from the University of California with a degree in Social Ecology and holds a Master’s of Social Work from California State University, Long Beach. He is a member of the American Society for Training & Development and the National Association of Social Workers. As a community volunteer, Jack enjoys working with agencies that support gay and lesbian youth.

Elizabeth Reina – Training

Elizabeth joined Foothold Technology after almost 10 years in the non-profit social services field, working as an employment counselor for people on parole in New York City, and working with people with a history of homelessness. Before joining Foothold, Elizabeth was the Associate Program Director of a supportive housing program for formerly homeless senior citizens.

At Foothold, Elizabeth is a member of the Training Division and is a contributor to the Quality Assurance Team. She graduated with a BA in French and an MSed in Counseling from Alfred University in Western, NY. In her spare time, she serves as the 2nd Vice President and Secretary of the Alfred University Alumni Council.


Jim Butz – Account Manager

Jim is responsible for working with future Foothold Technology clients. He has been working with and advising non-profit agencies on their technology needs for the past four years. Prior to that he owned and operated his own business for 12 years. While enjoying the challenge of operating his own business, he wanted to bring his skills to the health and human service sector. His goal is to become a viable resource on the fluid front of technology and the ever changing needs of health and human service industry.

Jim graduated from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD with a BA in Business Management. He currently volunteers his time to various children’s organization and local community events.

Dan Heimerle – Account Manager

Dan brings a unique blend of information technology and business experience to Foothold. After learning how Fortune 500 corporations utilize technology to reduce costs, improve service and measure results. Dan has been able to bring that experience to provide a unique perspective on how the human service sector can do the same. Dan provided his expertise to some of the nation’s first successful RHIO and medical home projects which are now being implemented across the country as part of the integration of primary and behavioral healthcare. He has also helped human service agencies collaboratively merge their business processes with efficient information systems to improve their client’s access to a broad scope of services and optimize outcomes across a consortium of providers. He provides our clients with recommendations on how to best leverage technology to achieve their goals with contextual knowledge of the nuances of human service agency operations and the populations they serve.

Paul Lieberman – Account Manager

Paul brings a diverse set of sales and operational support experience to the organization. Prior to joining Foothold, he served as the Senior Account Manager for a Gold Certified Microsoft partner specializing in the custom development of personal health records. In his other technology roles, he has represented a national virtual conferencing company, performing as senior business liaison between the account services team, engineering group and end-users. While at the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States in New York City, Paul served as a Vice President in the Management Information Services area where, with a professional staff of 30 MBAs, PhDs and technical consultants, he managed all software development, beta-testing, marketing and roll-out activities for the Agent Support Center. He went on to become the Agency Chief Operating Officer of one of Equitable’s largest field sales organizations where he directed the operational support of 350 field representatives.

Paul earned a BA from the University of Redlands in Redlands, California and attended Loyola University of Los Angeles School of Law.

Elliot Massuda – Inside Sales Manager

Elliot came to Foothold with a background in real estate sales and a passion to help human services agencies understand the benefits of AWARDS and Foothold Technology. Elliot is a graduate of Northwestern University with a BA in Sociology. In addition to being an accomplished member of the swimming and diving team at Northwestern, Elliot spent 5 years volunteering at Chicago House, an organization that provides housing for people living with HIV & AIDS.

Tony Bey – Account Executive

Tony came to Foothold with previous experience in the behavioral health field. Hailing from Baltimore, Tony previously worked for Gaudenzia, where he managed clients who needed assistance with mental health, substance abuse, and criminal justice matters. In this role, Tony witnessed the many challenges of not having the assistance of modern day technology to help ease the documentation process for case management. Tony plans to help other agencies understand the importance of implementing modern-day technology to help the agency function as a whole and boost morale in the office. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice. In his spare time, he can be found running with his dog Knuckles or breaking a sweat doing Bikram Yoga.

Saliym Mulrain – Account Executive

Saliym joined Foothold inspired to grow the community of AWARDS users and help bring more services to more people efficiently and effectively. He hails from Boston by way of Trinidad, the land of steel pan and calypso. The fact that he spent his childhood between both places is reflected in his friendly and unique, blended accent.

Saliym graduated with a BA in Television and Film from St. John’s University. He worked on multiple TV shows, including Nurse Jackie and Gossip Girl, before leaving the film industry. Now a Brooklynite, he likes to travel in his spare time, with more than three continents and 12 countries under his belt to date. His sense of adventure extends to his palate–he’s eaten a lot of meats that people would never dare touch, i.e., possum, alligator, ostrich, impala, and iguana.

Dave Woody – Account Executive

Dave brings a unique set of skills and experience to the organization. Prior to joining Foothold, he worked in financial software sales for five years, and then in secondary education for three years. He received the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award for serving over 2000 hours at an employment and training agency for at-risk youth in Oakland, CA. Dave believes Foothold is helping to bring more services to more people, more efficiently. He is a graduate of The Catholic University of America with a BA in Philosophy.

Zoe Kershner – Sales

Zoe joined Foothold Technology with previous experience in the nonprofit and social service field. Zoe has a passion to help organizations work towards their missions and goals to better their communities. In addition, Zoe has volunteered for special needs youth organizations such as the Jewish Community Center’s Inclusion Program and Kids Enjoy Exercise Now. She also interned at Jewish Women International in Washington, DC doing development work and advocating against domestic violence.

Zoe is a graduate of The University of Maryland with a BA in Psychology and a BS in Family Science.

Sarah Morrison – Marketing

As a member of the Marketing team, Sarah coordinates many of Foothold’s marketing campaigns and outreach activities, while providing support to staff across all branches of Foothold.  Prior to her work at Foothold, Sarah focused mainly on the entertainment industry, working on production coordination for both independent and documentary films. As an intern working in production and pre-production, Sarah created production time schedules and provided in-office support for location crews. She also gained experience in event production and promotion, planning and executing weekly concerts and film screenings at the Hudson River Park. Her interests and background in film and event production made her a natural choice to produce Foothold’s annual users conference, the Foothold Expo, which has grown in size and scope over the years.

Sarah is a graduate of Vassar College, where she obtained her BA in Film.

Alan Sott – Marketing

Alan joined Foothold in 2014.


Shulamis Turin – Director of Application Development

Shulamis Turin came to Foothold after spending several years in the software development industry. Her expertise spans the full spectrum of database administration as well as application and web development skills. She has developed several systems utilizing Oracle, SQL Server, Access databases along with Active Server Pages, Java Applets, HTML, DHTML and JavaScript. Shulamis received Oracle Certification after graduating from the Computer Institute of Technology with a GPA of 4.0.

Shulamis has been utilizing her computer skills in the nonprofit arena as well. She volunteers her services in assisting an educational institution in automating their daily office work activities, allowing them to accomplish their tasks in a more systematic and cost efficient manner. She has also offered tutorial services to children with lesser abilities and from lower income families allowing them to flourish to their fullest potential.

Leah Bloch – Application Developer

As part of the Application Development team at Foothold Technology, Leah assists in the development, maintenance, and improvement of the AWARDS application. As a consultant, Leah has applied her web development and database skills in ASP.NET, VB, C#, CSS, HTML, and Microsoft Sql Server by improving the data mining and reporting tools of a web commerce company. Leah has also utilized her skills in the non-profit sector for both an outreach organization and a school for children with special needs. She participated in the database maintenance tasks as well as the automation of various administrative tasks in furthering their fundraising efforts.

Skip Coon – Application Developer

Skip has been coding for over 10 years. He has built applications for a variety of industries, ranging from bio technology to restaurants and everything in between. His skill set includes but is not limited to: PHP, Perl, Python, Java, SQL, C#, and JavaScript. He finds most enjoyment working on applications for the internet that are built with Open Source toolkits. He graduated from Temple University with a BS in Computer Science and is also a Java Certified Programmer. In his spare time, he can be found in the Wissahickon woods mountain biking with his family.

Ryan Marshall – Application Developer

Ryan is a web developer with more than 10 years of experience and expertise in PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, C# and other web technologies. Prior to joining Foothold, he was involved in multiple open source projects, including content management systems (CMS), shopping carts, and forums applications. His involvement in open source software has heightened his awareness of web security and protection concepts. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Corey Schomer – Application Developer

Corey joined Foothold with expertise in all areas of application development, including database design and administration, and client and server side development. He has an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology, is a Zend Certified Engineer in PHP and the Zend Framework, and is an Oracle Certified Professional MySQL Database Administrator. He has used his knowledge of these server side technologies along with JavaScript frameworks like jQuery & ExtJS to create scalable, responsive and user-friendly applications.

Pavel Tkalenko – Application Developer

Pavel has been a web application developer for over 10 years, with additional expertise as an information architect, database designer and administrator. He specializes in finding and developing full end-to-end solutions for Foothold clients. His skill set includes PHP, Zend Framework, Perl, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Aviva Wachsman – Application Developer

Aviva brings expertise and experience in all areas of web development- server-side and client side-scripting, database administration, and GUI. Aviva combines her logical and organizational skills with her programming knowledge and creative abilities to develop and enhance the software. After receiving her BA in computer science, Aviva worked for several years in Israel as an application developer for Neve Yerushalayim, a large international non-profit organization. There she created the main intranet database application using SQL Server, Active Server Pages, COM+, JavaScript, and CSS. She developed many customized Access database and Visual Basic applications for use by the organization’s large number of divisions and staff. Aviva also worked as a computer lab instructor and calculus tutor for college students. She was involved in much volunteer work, primarily organizing programs and providing care and assistance for terror victims and hospitalized patients and their families.

Aaron Watson – Application Developer

Aaron has been involved in the design and development of database-driven web applications for more than eight years, coding in PHP and C#. Prior to joining Foothold, he worked on projects used in a variety of fields including online retail, sports training, healthcare marketing, children’s entertainment, and property tax collection. In addition, he served as a coordinator for a successful fundraising effort to provide school supplies to children displaced by Hurricane Katrina. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys travel, history, and economics.

Drew Morone – Network Administrator

Drew started his IT career with Prodigy Services in 1991 doing modem and application tech support. Drew has been heavily involved in all aspects of IP network architecture and applications integration and has an intimate knowledge of most services, applications, operating systems and hardware. Drew’s technical expertise runs the gamut:

  • Sendmail, qmail, listproc, DNS/BIND(4.x,8.x), WINS, FTP, NFS, SAMBA, Apache httpd, NCSA httpd, MS IIS, innd, ircd, DHCP, BOOTP, MS ILS.
  • Livingston RAS/routers, Cisco routers, 3com routers, Bay Networks. Livingston Com/OS, Cisco IOS, Radius. Multitech multiplexers, all brands of modems. TCP/IP, SMB, IPX. Frame-Relay, PPP, SLIP, DDSII, ISDN, xDSL, Ethernet, Token Ring. Adran, Bat CSU/DSU RIP, OSPF
  • Gauntlet Firewall Toolkit (FWTK), NAT, TCP Wrappers, ssh, Titan, COPS, SATAN, Tripwire, pgp, sudo, identd, socks, nbaudit, tcpdump, nmap, arpwatch.
  • Network Console, MRTG, netcat, rsync.
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