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Review and Refresh: ExportBuilders

Thursday, Mar 05, 2015 - 2:00 PM

Looking for ways to export your data out of AWARDS above and beyond the Excel links you are used to? Look no further. AWARDS ExportBuilders enable users to harness the power of our ReportBuilder functionality and take it a step further to meet a variety of outside reporting needs. Each ExportBuilder is located within a corresponding ReportBuilder. When working with an ExportBuilder, users have the ability to generate export file formats from scratch, or from previously saved export formats, as well as from report formats saved when using the corresponding ReportBuilder. The ExportBuilders provide the ability to define export parameters such as field name, field width, field type, padding format, header rows, etc.; define field mapping; and can export data in CSV, XML, XLS, or TXT formats.

Join us to learn more about this powerful tool and its recent enhancements to see how it can help you meet your internal and regulatory reporting and data sharing needs.

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Review and Refresh: Group Features in AWARDS

Thursday, Mar 12, 2015 - 2:00 PM

In this event, we will review the Group functionality in AWARDS, including some new features you may not be using yet.

  • What is the relationship between Group Activities and Group Notes
  • How to create scheduled groups with and without assigning clients
  • How to create a printable Sign In form for scheduled groups How to set maximum capacity for scheduled groups
  • How Service Plans for clients assigned to groups can be linked How to use the co-leader functionality in AWARDS when creating scheduled groups and writing group notes, including electronic signatures
  • How to audit groups to find which ones have been documented
  • How to include clients from more than one program in a group How number of days for backdating Group Notes can be adjusted

We will also take a look at using reports and ReportBuilders to look at your agency's group-related data.

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Review & Refresh: Electronic Signatures

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015 - 2:00 PM

Electronic Signatures feature allow staff and, in some cases, clients and “other” individuals, to electronically sign (“e-sign”) select records:

  • Progress Notes
  • Group Notes, including Co-Leaders
  • Service Plans
  • Standalone FormBuilder Forms
  • Discharge Records

Using Electronic Signatures, each program can set its own e-signing rules that impact who can sign which notes or plans and when, and individual forms can be configured to allow for basic or electronic signatures. Signatures can be used with uploaded images with a PIN, with a touch screen device, a signature pad or even a mouse. Join us for a comprehensive look at this useful functionality.

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FootholdConnect: Overview of AWARDS and Introduction to Foothold Technology

Thursday, Apr 09, 2015 - 2:00 PM

Does your agency have new users who could benefit from an orientation to Foothold Technology and AWARDS? In this webinar, we will briefly explain how Foothold works with our clients: what our Implementation Consultants and Senior Project Managers do, what staff can expect when they are sent to a training, and how our Help Desk process works. 

Then we will provide an introductory overview of all the major functions in AWARDS, designed like the life-cycle of a client in your program: from Intake/Admission all the way through Discharge.

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Review & Refresh: Permissions in AWARDS

Tuesday, Apr 14, 2015 - 2:00 PM

Join us to learn how to set permissions and manage the security access in your AWARDS database. We will review all layers of permissions, including how to create policies based on User Groups and how to use the work role layer to manage the Internal Audit Messages in order to get only the messages you want. 

This session is best suited for Foothold AWARDS users who have access to permissions data entry.

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